Stories from the front line

Right now, for people like Fatumata – a mother and trader living in West Point, Liberia – the reality is stark.

In Liberia markets have been shut and she and everyone has been told to keep off the street. For young people like Fatumata, this means she is unable to earn money to support her family. And there is no safety net.

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The parallels with the impact of the Ebola Crisis on young people are only too real

‘We were suddenly forced into quarantine by the government, it’s devastating. It scary because you don’t know who is next. You fear everybody… Every day people were dying, people you know. One morning we woke up to find that they had closed West Point. We had no warning. So it became a big problem very quickly because we didn’t have enough food I had to use my savings to survive.’

Single mother of three Fatumata survived the Ebola epidemic, but sadly her business selling charcoal didn’t, leaving her with no income to support her family. With our support Fatumata managed to rebuild it, only to find that today she’s back to living with no income and a young family to support.

Sadly Coronavirus is likely to have an even more dramatic impact on communities around the world and it will be the poor and young who will suffer most

Please support young people to rebuild their livelihoods

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A message from Terry Waite our President

Before anything else I’d like to say I hope you are staying well during these very trying times. Many of you may be feeling scared and alone, but rest assured that together we will come through this. Human kindness and our faith must keep us strong.

Over the years, you’ve played an enormous role in allowing Y Care to serve and support young people in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities. Tragically, now more than ever, we need your support. I’ve been told that we are running short of funds when we need them most.

Our partners around the world tell us they fear the impacts from Coronavirus (Covid 19) will be even more devastating than after epidemics like the Ebola crisis. I remember only too well the impact that had on communities. But we supported people, together.

Whilst the long term impact of Covid 19 on poorer communities is still unknown, we do know that sadly it will be people living in poverty who will suffer most. Restrictions on movement mean people will be unable to earn an income and a lack of money, means people have little to eat and support themselves or their families.

That’s why today I’m asking you to support young people across the world by supporting Y Care in their time of need, it’s something you’ve done many times in the past and it’s something I’m proud to do myself. Whatever you can give will be gratefully received. Perhaps like never before, young people across the world will need the support of Y Care during this crisis and after it passes. We all need to do what we can to help.

Please keep young people in your thoughts and prayers at this time. I will keep you and them in mine. Together, we’ll get through this.

Thank you so much and please stay safe and strong.

Terry Waite

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