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Together let’s support young people by creating opportunities for decent work in the post Covid-19 world

Y Care International has launched an emergency appeal in response to the severe droughts unfolding in East Africa

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Your gift could support young people with initiatives like Sergeant Kargbo’s music project.

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Worldwide, over 75m young people are unemployed

For many of the world’s poorest people finding real opportunities is difficult. Sadly in the post Covid-19 world things are only going to get harder. What was a global crisis has become a global emergency. Here at Y Care International we’re doing something about it.

Working closely with strong and trusted local YMCA partners, we’re striving to ensure that young people are supported through access to training; business and life skills; tools of the trade and entrepreneurial opportunities for growth.

There are 1000’s of young people teeming with talent, waiting to start their own businesses. They have the ideas; determination and passion. Let’s help them succeed.

Together we can help young people get themselves into work and out of poverty.


The Soap lady of West Point

“If the YMCA had not intervened I would have ended up selling myself on the street to feed my children because I no longer have my parents to support me.”

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