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Israel-Palestine Appeal

Y Care International is working with partners to support people impacted by the humanitarian emergency happening right now in Israel-Palestine.

Since 7 October, the conflict in Israel-Palestine has dominated news coverage. We are seeing an immense need for humanitarian assistance because, currently, over a million people have been displaced and thousands killed after the exacerbation of violence in the area.

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Q&A with All We Can’s Head of Humanitarian Assistance, Chris Cattaway

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What are we doing and what are we funding?

Y Care International's response has 2 aspects:

  • We are collaborating with other like-minded organisations to provide reliable, factual information from partners who are working inside the conflict zone to inform the UK Government’s knowledge and understanding of the real-life situation ‘on the ground’. We meet regularly with other humanitarian charities, the staff of the |Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and with the Minister of State for Development to exchange information.
  • We have made initial allocations of £10,000 each to two longstanding partners:
    • Danish Church Aid have staff working in Gaza providing displaced families in Gaza with cash, or everyday necessities which are not available in local shops.
    • Lutheran World Federation runs the Augusta Victoria Hospital in East Jerusalem which is caring for cancer and dialysis patients, many of whom live in Gaza where such facilities are not available. Our funding will contribute to accommodation, meals and other necessities for patients and their families while at the hospital and unable to return to their homes. 

Why are we neutral?

As a humanitarian non-governmental organisation, we respond based solely on human needs irrespective of political or other factors (such as ethnicity or religion). Like other similar organisations, including the partners we are supporting in this crisis, we are guided by the “Code of Conduct for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Disaster Relief”, usually known as “The Code”. By adhering to The Code, like-minded organisations seek to maintain consistently high standards of independence, effectiveness and impact.

Why are we not working in Israel too?

We know that both parties in a conflict experience extreme loss and suffering, which is why we urge conflicting parties to resolve differences through dialogue and mutual understanding rather than violence. With limited resources, we have to focus our response where there is the greatest humanitarian need. Facilities in Israel are much more developed than in Gaza and other areas of Palestine, where the numbers of casualties and displaced people are very much higher.

A Prayer written by The Vice-President of Methodist Conference, Deacon Kerry Scarlett

Merciful God

We cry out to you, in anguish and horror, at the situation in Israel - Palestine

The images we are seeing, the stories we are hearing, of homes, hospitals, places of sanctuary, healing and care, destroyed.

We know that there are so many more stories which have not yet been told, and perhaps never will be,

Of precious lives lost, of grief and trauma beyond that which most of us can imagine.

Compassionate God, you came and dwelt among us; you know and understand the suffering of this world.

There is no place beyond your reach; you are everywhere, even in places where we fear there is no hope left.

Where we are tempted to despair, your spirit brings mercy, and justice, and healing.

You call us, again and again, in times of conflict and destruction, to be attentive to those who are most vulnerable.

Give us the compassion to weep with those who weep, and mourn with those who mourn.

The discernment to recognize the limits of our own wisdom, and to avoid those actions and words which may cause further harm.

Inspire in us a renewed commitment to walk humbly with you, seeking the peace and flourishing which you desire for all of your beloved children,



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