We’re creating opportunities for young people to help themselves out of poverty

  • We help young people help themselves out of poverty, by finding jobs or setting up businesses
  • We work with young men and women aged 15-24 made vulnerable by poverty, inequality and injustice
  • We enable young people in the UK and internationally to make change as active citizens
  • We work with a unique network of YMCAs and other partners in 15 of the poorest countries – mainly in Africa as well as Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East

By 2020, we will create opportunities for over 60,000 vulnerable young women and men and their communities every year through enterprise and employment

Our values

  • We are bold –  inspired by the spirit and determination of young women and men, and ambitious for real opportunities and innovative action to empower them.
  • We are compassionate – striving to understand, encourage, and enable vulnerable young people.
  • We are expert – working with integrity to ensure practical, rights-focused and local solutions.
  • We are open –  enthusiastic about collaboration through participative, inclusive, learning relationships.

Annual Report 2017/18