Your fundraising can make a real difference to the lives of young people around the world – it can also be great fun!

Get together with your friends, your colleagues, your school, youth group, church or local YMCA to plan an activity or event that will be an amazing day for everyone and raise money to transform young people’s lives.

As well as raising essential funds to change young people’s lives, your fundraising efforts are an excellent opportunity to spread the word about the work of Y Care International too. And you can be sure that the money raised will be used where it is needed most.

“I’ve found fundraising for Y Care International to be motivating and fun for me personally and for the group. Why Y Care International? Because we know that money raised is going directly to YMCAs already working with those in need in some of the poorest communities in the world.” Susan Foster, Stoke YMCA

Ways you can fundraise

At work

Fundraising at work brings people together and builds teams as well as raising money to help change young people’s lives. Make it as simple or as challenging as you like and get everyone involved!

Fundraising in teams is a great idea. It brings out your competitive spirit as well as being a great team-building exercise.

With friends

When you get together for a common cause with friends you can do amazing things. The secret of success is to do something you will have fun doing – whether it is something you are already good at like sport or singing, or setting yourself a new challenge, like climbing a mountain together or organizing and publicizing a pub quiz.

In your community

Choose something that will interest your friends and neighbors and raise money at the same time. There are a million things you could do so why not start with something you know you love! If you are good at cooking – bake away and sell the proceeds at a local event. If football is your thing, organise a ‘Beat the goalie’ competition at a local fair. If you’re creative, do face painting, glitter tattoos or arts and crafts for children. The list is endless…

Challenge yourself

There are many fundraising challenges that happen around the country (particularly in the summer) and you can register and fundraise for Y Care International. Get in touch to tell us what you are doing.

Visit our challenges page to find out how you can get involved

Collecting money online is easy

Create a fundraising web page with ‘JustGiving’ or ‘VirginMoneyGiving’ – the hassle-free way to collect donations

Whether you are collecting donations or sponsorship, it is a good idea to set up a personal fundraising page. It is very simple to use and it cuts out the hassle of distributing forms and collecting cheques and cash. Plus it automatically registers all donations from UK taxpayers for Gift Aid – making their donation worth even more.

JustGiving Visit and build your personal fundraising page

VirginMoneyGiving Visit, find Y Care International in the charity section and build your own fundraising page

  • Email your friends with details of your fundraising and a link to your page
  • Your friends donate online using the secure payment facility
  • You watch the total grow
  • The money goes straight to helping young people through Y Care International

Whatever you’re doing – big or small – don’t forget to contact your local press.-- The more people who know about your efforts, the more money and awareness you’re likely to raise. Remember to take pictures from beginning to end – you could write a funny blog in the lead-up to it with pictures of your preparations and get local organisations and media to link to it. And of course, use them on your Facebook or Twitter accounts to inspire your followers to support you.

For information, ideas or support contact Ola: or call 020 7549 3175.

Fundraising Guide