Championing Impact: Meet Veronica at Y Care International

Part of a series introducing our UK team: Hear from our Head of Partner and Organisational Learning & Impact about how Y Care International helps partners to communicate their huge impact to gain the support that their work and communities deserve.

Veronica Fletcher - Meet the Team


Leading the Charge for Impact at Y Care International

In the dynamic world of international development, leaders like Veronica Fletcher are making a profound impact. As the Head of Partner and Organisational Learning & Impact at Y Care International, Veronica is a driving force behind the organization’s mission to empower young people and create lasting change. In this blog post, we delve into her role, her perspective on the international development sector, and her personal passions.

Veronica Fletcher is Y Care International's  Head of Partner and Organisational Learning & Impact
Veronica Fletcher is Y Care International’s Head of Partner and Organisational Learning & Impact

Championing Impact for partners and supporters

Veronica’s role at Y Care International is all about championing impact. Her responsibilities revolve around supporting the organization in clarifying the impact they aim to achieve in the world, especially in collaboration with partners. She ensures that the path to this impact is well-defined and that there is concrete evidence to learn from along the way.

Walking alongside: What makes Y Care International supporters different?

According to Vee, a Y Care International supporter is someone truly special. They understand that young people possess boundless potential and innovative solutions to the challenges they face. What sets these supporters apart is their commitment to walking alongside young people, actively listening, and providing flexible support that enables every young person to step into their own potential.

What drew you to Y Care International?

Veronica was drawn to Y Care International due to her first-hand experiences in countries where Y Care’s partners operate. In these regions, she observed that many funders often failed to understand the local context and challenges. Instead, they prescribed solutions without grasping the complexity of the issues on the ground.

Y Care International stood out for its distinct approach. The organization recognizes that local YMCAs and the young people they support possess an unparalleled understanding of their context and challenges. Y Care empowers them by placing them in the driver’s seat, an approach that Veronica considers rare and special in the realm of funding partners.

For Vee, the essence of Y Care International is: “Vibrant, Flexible, Energetic” These words encapsulate the organization’s dynamic and adaptable nature, brimming with the energy required to drive meaningful change.

Exciting Partnerships and Learning in the Coming Year

In the upcoming year, Vee is most enthusiastic about Y Care International’s new partnerships with national YMCAs. These partnerships represent a fresh approach to collaboration and offer ample opportunities for mutual learning. The prospect of learning together is what excites Veronica the most.

Transforming Perceptions in International Development: Valuing Local NGOs

Vee advocates for a transformative shift in the international development sector. She believes that true change will only come about when those most affected by poverty have the agency to define the change they desire in their lives. This transformation requires a values-based partnership with local NGOs. These organizations are agile, deeply rooted in their communities, and possess the potential to drive real change when funders engage in genuine collaboration.

A sincere commitment to championing impact and empowering young people is at the core of Y Care International’s mission. Her dedication, insight, and passion are inspiring and essential in driving lasting change for young people around the world. Veronica’s leadership embodies the vibrant, flexible, and energetic spirit of Y Care International, setting an example for others in the international development sector.

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