Witness to growth: Meet Richard at Y Care International

Part of a series introducing our UK team: Hear from our head of Partner Support and Development about how Y Care International equips partner organisations for continued success and growth.

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Building capacity for the future

At the heart of any successful organization are the passionate individuals driving its mission forward. Y Care International, a renowned international development organization, is no exception. Today, we shine a spotlight on Richard Hatfield, the Head of Partner Support & Development at Y Care International. Richard’s dedication to his role, his deep understanding of the organization’s mission, and his passion for youth empowerment make him an integral part of the Y Care family and wider partner network.

Richard Hatfield in Selela, Mtu wa umbu Training session on sustainable grazing and herding practises to improve the grasslands. Facilitated by Richard. Participants: - Francis Msollo, TNC STAFF - Bariki from UCRT (NTRI partner) - Naronyo Nang’oiho - 41 years old, leader, husband of 2 wives, trainer and implementor of improved grazing managemeent and grazing techniques. We filmed Naronyo's story. *** Program Started 2018, October "Improved grazing management": - we DO "community-LED" conversation, wholistic, landscape and livelihood regeneration - 16,000 cows in the area - traditionally Maasai had rotational programs for their herds - why selela? They have their CCRO. UCTR had a land use plan for the area. They have a large grazing area - there are names in MAA for different types of herding! Traditionally the maasai used to herd the cows in large numbers (picture the Great Migration). As the herds moved together from one area to another it ensured: - that the grass had time to regrow - the stomping of thousands of hooves created ditches to hold water in the rainy season, further helping the grass to grow. In time this practise was lost as individual herds spread out with their cows. Training- - "eco- literacy": understanding and reading the land - plan grazing - the training the community decides what they want to do - does bare land cause drought or does lack of rain fall cause drought? So what causes drought? Overgrazing. - if we decrease numbers of livestock, IT HELPS BUT DOESN'T SOLVE THE PROBLEM. IT ISNT the numbers but TIME that is the issue! - TIME= the plant needs time to recover after grazing, needs time to recover. Overgrazing means the roots are damaged. Principles: - bare land: show consequences of bare land due to drought - what causes bare land? Over grazing - how do you get rid of bare land? Use the animals! Similar to the migration, as the animals come and move together, they travel together. As the move together their hooves cr
Richard is Y Care International’s Head of Partner Support & Development

Richard’s role at Y Care International is to encourage and support the organization’s partners as they grow and become stronger. In this position, he plays a crucial role in facilitating the growth of local initiatives and community development projects.

Local ownership and leadership
What sets Y Care International apart is its commitment to locally-led solutions and development. Richard was drawn to the organization because it truly “walks the talk” in this regard. By focusing on empowering communities and recognizing their ownership of development projects, Y Care is making a meaningful difference in the lives of youth worldwide.

Richard describes Y Care International as “Brave, True, a pillar in a big family.” These words encapsulate the organization’s approach to working with communities in tackling global issues, its commitment to genuine and lasting change, and its sense of unity and community.

In the coming year, Richard is most excited about seeing Y Care International’s partners grow. This growth means that more young people will have the support they need to build a better future, which is at the core of Y Care’s mission.

What role do I play?
According to Richard, a Y Care International supporter is someone who not only recognizes the need for youth to be the drivers of the future but also takes practical action to empower them materially. Supporters like you are the backbone of Y Care’s efforts to create lasting change.

Richard advocates for a significant shift in how people perceive the international development sector. He believes that those on the ground should be given ownership of the projects that others support. This recognition of the unique perspective and leadership of local communities is essential for creating sustainable and impactful change with local ownership, which is a cornerstone of Y Care International’s approach.

In conclusion, Richard’s role at Y Care International and his perspective on the international development sector emphasize the importance of empowering local communities and youth for lasting change. His dedication and passion for making the world a better place through practical action and support are an inspiration to all who share the same vision. Through his work across our global network of partners and equipping them with resilience for the future, Richard is making a significant and lasting difference in the lives of young people, one partnership at a time.

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