What we learned in Ireland this November


YMCA Ireland | November 2022

Members of the Y Care International team were delighted to be at the YMCA Ireland Annual General Meeting (AGM) in November, sharing stories, thought-provoking insights, and fun activities relating to global justice.

The Y Care International team introduced our unique partnership model. Read more here.

The team also shared the launch of our East Africa Emergency Appeal. We have joined with people from across the UK – in partnership with YMCA Ireland, YMCA England and Wales, and YMCA Scotland – to respond to the crisis unfolding in East Africa.

Fulfilling potential

Our presence at this event was about fulfilling potential. It’s about putting communities in the driving seat in creating the change that they want to see.

Read on to find out the lessons we learned from meeting amazing young people from YMCAs across Ireland:

What did we learn?

John Peacock, CEO of YMCA Ireland, tests his balance!
  1. Justice can be fun, and also hard work, just like a lot of things we do – our inflatable globe and wobble-board invited people to ‘test their balance’. It went down really well with young people and their leaders!
  2. Relationships are the most powerful resource we have in bringing justice and peace – we see this in the YMCA’s commitment to the challenge being ‘all-Ireland’, working both sides of the border.
  3. When we feel connected to our global neighbours, the challenges don’t seem so insurmountable – and that is part of what Y Care brings to the wider YMCA conversation, bringing communities together across the world to see every young person’s potential fulfilled.
  4. Our team are now lifelong fans of TJ Hourihan – YMCA Ireland’s Youth Advocacy Officer – he’s a brilliant driver and parker-of-large vans. Thanks TJ!
  5. Carlos Sanvee (World YMCA General Secretary) encouraged us and told us that for us to fulfil our potential and create change in our world, we need to take a risk and remember our childlike desire to play.


There was so much to see, learn and do at this event, and we’re so pleased to be working harder than ever, equipping young people across Ireland to engage with the fun and hard work of global justice.


[This blog was written by Y Care International’s Digital Marketing Officer, Alex Akhurst]

You can read more about our East Africa Emergency appeal, and download resources to support the response, on our website.

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