Soap and Hope at Cedarwood Festival 2023

Last weekend, we made soap with new friends and supporters at Cedarwood Festival, a festival of worship, community and encounter - and introduced those who came to the power of locally-led development.

A member of the Y Care International team introduces two participants to the soap-making process


What are we doing?

We invited people into our space, a place of calm and peace, and a place full of the beautiful scents of the soap-making process.

Attendees had a personalised experience, and afterwards, were equipped with their own handmade soap and a Y Care International soap dish.

It’s about the process

When we make soap, there’s a process involved. There are so many ingredients we can add, and they all do different things to the end product. When we add those ingredients – and how we add them – will impact the finished product.

A Y Care International team member poses with a photo frame with the caption: 'I'm not a hero: i believe local communities already possess the ingredients for change'.
The Y Care International team were busy all weekend, engaging with new friends at Cedarwood Festival.

Get involved in the process

We invite you to look at what you have and what you need, and to add those ingredients into the mix. The ingredients are natural, and they each come with their own distinct properties and unique look and scent!

But be careful not to add too much all at once! You need time to let the ingredients set within the soap mould. It can be tempting to go ‘all-in’, but when we do this, we inevitably can often do more harm than good.

Inspired by our partners

This activity is inspired by a project supported by our partners, YMCA Sierra Leone. The project sees young women and girls come together to make and sell bars of soap to the community. Through this project, they are learning the practical skills of soap-making, and business skills which includes selling the soap, and they also meet other women and girls their age with similar life experiences.

Find out more about the Soap Making project in Kissy, Freetown, here.

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