Alive in technicolour faith – our time at Big Church Festival 2023


Ingredients for change

Big Church Festival 2023 was this past weekend, and Y Care International had the privilege of attending.
As part of our presence at the festival, we hosted a campaign stall throughout the event, introducing people to our impactful Ingredients for Change campaign. Additionally, we hosted our own dedicated festival space in a big-top tent, leading soap-making workshops for festival-goers of all ages.

A tent at Big Church Festival 2023 in which Y Care International presented workshops
We welcomed people to our dedicated festival space, where we led our signature soap-making activity for all ages.

What did we get up to?

At our campaign stall, we created an interactive and informative space where attendees could learn about our Ingredients for Change campaign, which is raising awareness about the social and economic factors that contribute to inequality and empower individuals and communities to take action for a more just and inclusive world.

Through engaging displays, conversations, and educational materials, we introduced people to the campaign’s key messages and encouraged them to join us in making a difference.

Make the soap that brings change

In addition to the campaign stall, we led soap-making workshops in our dedicated festival space. These workshops provided a hands-on experience for participants, allowing them to create their own unique soaps while learning about the transformative power of community-led development.

Why soap?

Inspired by the remarkable work of our partners in Sierra Leone, particularly the Unique Family Soap Project, a soap-making social enterprise that uplifts and supports women survivors of sexual and gender-based violence, we sought to share their story and engage festival-goers in our campaign for change.

Y Care International team members lead festival attendees in a soap-making activity at Big Church Festival 2023.
The soap-making activity helps illustrate our community-led approach development. Intrigued? Why not join our mailing list to hear more about our 2023 campaign?

When communities are in charge of realising their own potential, and they have our full support, they have all the resources they need to see every young person’s potential fulfilled. Discover our 2023 campaign and watch our video here.

Thank you!

Y Care International feels immensely grateful to have had the opportunity to engage festival attendees at this great event. Find out more about Big Church Festival, and save the date for next year’s event, online.


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