Working together to fulfil potential

Y Care International and Y Care International: Working together to fulfil potential


The Good Merger Index 2023

The 2021 merger between Y Care International and sister charity Y Care International was recognised by an international shortlist.

The merger has already led to £1m more for transformative projects in the world’s most vulnerable communities.

A recent trailblazing union between Y Care International and Y Care International has been listed by the Good Merger Index as among the Top 20 mergers of 2022-23.


Working together to transform lives

The listing, in an annual survey by Eastside People, represents a strong endorsement of the merger, which was finalised in September 2021 as the non-profit sector recovered from the unprecedented challenge of the global pandemic.

At a time of heightened economic uncertainty and a cost-of-living crisis in the UK, the merger represents increased efficiency through the opportunity to share a single staff team with shared skills, digital resources, and country-based expertise, whilst retaining two legally separate charitable entities with different trustee boards.

Ayele Ashagre, who works with partners of both charities as Ethiopia Country Co-ordinator, compared the merger to a ‘marriage’, where both organisations walk together ‘…without losing and changing their identities and without cutting the relationships they have with their respective families and friends.’

Ayele also commented on the opportunities offered by the merger:

‘The (merger) has facilitated mutual learning and experience-sharing among Y Care International and YMCA partners. ‘This was observed during the Partners Conference held in October 2022 in Malawi where participants from 13 countries and 35 organizations enjoined the togetherness and the mutual learn-and-share practices.’


Two brands, one kitchen

The two charities have created a streamlined operation known colloquially as ‘two brands, one kitchen’: A single staff team with dual operations, which respects two distinct and institutionally separate networks of international humanitarian partners.

This was a process with long, deep, honest and open conversations underpinned by strong faith values, which sustained board and staff members throughout. CEO, Graeme Hodge, said:

‘At the heart of this development is our core shared vision: to help more people living in vulnerable and excluded communities across the globe see their potential fulfilled. We have had the pleasure of getting to know Y Care International over the past couple of years, sharing Y Care International’s partnership approach and exploring opportunities for collaboration. This development is the next step in that relationship, and represents a deepening commitment to effective partnership.

‘Our shared vision is to see Y Care International flourish, develop its inherent assets and strengths, fulfil its charitable mission, and serve more young people and communities across the globe. That is why, driven by the principles of our partnership approach, Y Care International will remain a separate charitable organisation, maintaining its vision and identity. We are delighted to welcome Y Care International into the Y Care International family, just as we look forward to being closely associated with the YMCA family around the world, and are excited to be working together going forward.’

The Eastside People Good Merger Index Launch Webinar took place on 14th February 2023.

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