Who is SHE?

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Who is SHE? And How They Are Combatting Gender Equality, One T-shirt at a Time.

Start Her Enterprise (SHE) is a subsidiary of Y Care International, dedicated to empowering young women, achieving gender equality and closing the gaps in the world of work.

How is SHE different?

Y Care International has been working alongside our local partners and YMCAs for 40 years to support young people in countries most affected by disasters and poverty. Recognising the unique challenges faced by young women, Y Care International launched Start Her Enterprise (SHE) to provide targeted support and opportunities for women.

Why Women?

It’s a sad reality that even today women are more likely to be paid less and to be in informal, dangerous or vulnerable employment. Women are more likely to face harassment or violence at work and still disproportionately bear the burden of unpaid care and domestic work in the home.

Women’s lack of access to fair and decent employment is one of the biggest causes of inequality worldwide. That’s why SHE are putting employment opportunities for women at the heart of all they do.

We know when women work economies grow. It creates a positive ripple effect on communities. It means better nutrition, health and education for their children. And, when daughters are educated, it creates long term benefits for the next generation too.

The SHE Approach

Y Care International and SHE’s partnership approach ensures that women have choices – choosing business ownership as their source of livelihood, choosing the type of business and choosing how they use their profits.

By supporting communities to undertake their own assessments, they are able to identify their resources, capabilities, vulnerabilities, challenges and look at business opportunities that would be viable based on their unique context.

SHE’s partners work in a number of ways to help women start their own enterprises, from essential business training and education to encouraging communities to set up Village Saving and Loans Associations (VSLAs), providing them with the funding they need to launch and grow their businesses.

SHE’s Impact

The impact of SHE is best illustrated through the stories of the women SHE’s partner’s support. Take, for example, Fatuma, a young woman from Uganda who transformed her small business selling fish into a thriving enterprise. Through the trainings provided by SHE’s partner and financial support from her local VSLA, Fatuma has expanded her business and now has the funds to build a new home and send her children to school.

‘The trainings that (SHE’s partner) has equipped us with, the knowledge of saving, I am not the same as I was,’ – Fatuma

The SHE Store – How They Are Combatting Gender Equality, One T-shirt at a Time.

SHE has launched an exclusive range of t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies on their online store. Of which, all of the profits go to SHE to help achieve gender equality, empower women and close the gaps in the world of work. Every item bought could help a young woman to set up her own enterprise.

Not only this, but all of their clothing is made from 100% super soft Certified Organic Cotton and printed in the UK, using renewable energy and plastic-free packaging.

Check out the full range at store.startherenterprise.org

How can I support?

There are a number of ways in which you can support the work of SHE:

Donate however much you can, and if you can give that much today, could you give that much next month too? If so, please consider setting up a regular gift that allows our partners to plan for the future Donate – SHE (startherenterprise.org)

Shop the full range of clothing at Home (store.startherenterprise.org)

Sign up for updates about the women SHE works with around the world Take Action – SHE (startherenterprise.org)

Become an ambassador! Maybe you or someone you know could be our next SHE Ambassador Ambassadors – SHE (startherenterprise.org)

Corporate Partnerships! If you are part of a change-making corporation, maybe you could be SHE’s next partner Corporate Partnerships – SHE (startherenterprise.org)

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