The country’s history

The struggle for independence, land and power runs throughout Zimbabwe’s modern history. Veteran President Robert Mugabe dominated the country’s political scene for almost four decades after independence from Britain in 1980.

After the years of political and social instability, Zimbabwe’s economy has been devastated. Most workers remain in insecure employment and take home less than £1.50 a day – barely enough to pay for everyday essentials.

Against this background, Zimbabwe’s health services are severely overstretched while people are more likely to suffer from poverty-related illnesses. Cholera and typhoid outbreaks affect the health and wellbeing of whole communities, and the country has one of the highest prevalence rates of HIV in the world.

Our work in Zimbabwe

Y Care International began working with Zimbabwe YMCA in the late 1990s to reduce the impact of natural hazards on communities and respond to emergencies.

In Zimbabwe today, young people struggle to find jobs, stay healthy and have a voice in decisions which affect their lives. We have been supporing Zimbabwe YMCA to increase access to youth-friendly health information and services so that young people can lead healthy, productive lives and be ready physically for the world of work.

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