About the project

In partnership with YWCA of Palestine and funded by the Asfari Foundation, Y Care International has been supporting a mentoring programme since 2017 to enable promising female graduates trained in business management, known as Young Business Coaches, to provide technical training and business mentoring to 80 Palestinian female business owners.

Young business mentors are helping female entrepreneurs to increase the profitability of their businesses by connecting them with new markets, developing marketing strategies and professionalising their products to adhere to stringent national quality standards.

The opportunity offered by the project, has helped reduce the financial burden of the young business coaches’ families, and to help advise their families about the financial management of their households. The project’s interventions have also contributed to creating a change in the cultural norms and societal behaviour toward the women’s economic empowerment and participation.



graduates trained as business coaches in 2018, attending drop-in clinics to enhance their knowledge and share experiences with other mentors.


women-led businesses received support from the coaches in 2018, gaining new skills in accounting, project budgeting, and book-keeping.


women have received training and support from YWCA Palestine over the life of the project.

The country’s history

Young people make up almost a third of the population of the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), which is at the centre of one of the longest and most complex conflicts in the world. The Israeli occupation of the OPT coupled with the separation barrier means that Palestinians face movement restrictions and serious difficulties accessing their land and work.

The conflict in OPT has taken a heavy toll on the health, well-being and security of young people and resulted in high poverty rates. Nearly half of all households in the West Bank and three-quarters of those in Gaza live in poverty.

Young people in OPT have the highest unemployment rate of any age group at nearly 50%, with young women being the most disadvantaged. We work closely with local authorities and local organisations to ensure young women can take an active role in their communities and we support them to improve their employment prospects or start small businesses.

Our work in Palestine

Most recently, Y Care International has been working with YWCA of Palestine to give young graduates the opportunity to become mentors supporting women-led businesses in the Occupied Palestinian Territory to thrive.

Y Care International also has a longstanding relationship with East Jerusalem YMCA. Our last project together aimed to give young people job training and provide trauma counselling. In particular, we supported young disabled people and women to know their rights within the law and to campaign for positive change.

We also give Palestinian farmers practical support during planting and harvesting through the Olive Tree Campaign. Run jointly by the East Jerusalem YMCA and the Palestine YWCA, international volunteers plant and harvest olive trees as a way of raising awareness of the conflict.

What have we achieved?

  • 19 Young Business coaches have developed their capacity and increased their job prospects
  • 250 hours of “Drop-in clinics” held for young business coaches
  • 80 female entrepreneurs enhanced their technical skills to help their businesses become more profitable
  • Female entrepreneurs received up to 800 days of training and mentoring from female young business coaches which are delivered and tailored to their business needs

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