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With economic growth slowing, investment in training and infrastructure is urgently needed for Haitians to lift themselves out of poverty.

Young people in Haiti

Representing more than half the population, young people in Haiti face high levels of unemployment with around 25 per cent out of work.

Prior to the 2010 earthquake, more than a third of the population over five had no schooling and less than a third had completed elementary school.

Since the earthquake, education, living conditions and the health of young people and their families have deteriorated further. This situation was exacerbated by Hurricane Matthew in 2016.

Young people also have few opportunities for leadership roles because the Haitian constitution bars them from elected office until they are 25. Supporting them to secure a decent income through employment and entrepreneurship, and giving them opportunities to influence decision makers, is vital for the future of the country.

How are we helping?

Our partner IDEJEN was quick to respond after Haiti’s devastating emergencies, providing immediate emergency supplies including food, water, shelter, medicines and medical support.

They also recognise that people living in poverty are more vulnerable following disasters; their homes are often poorly constructed, their health worse, and they have little access to social safety nets though their family or community.

By providing vocational training to young Haitians from poor rural and slum areas, we are helping them to help themselves out of poverty and increasing their resilience to future disasters.

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