We’ve been changing the lives of young people in Africa for two generations.

Working through trusted partnerships with local YMCA’s we have stood side by side with young people through civil war, Ebola emergencies and natural disasters in countries such as Zambia, Togo, Sierra Leone and Liberia.


Young people in Liberia have had to live through both civil war and the Ebola outbreak.

We are working with young men and women in six areas in West Point slum.

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Our ‘Ampa Awagna’ project works directly with vulnerable young women and men living in remote rural communities to help them generate an income, reduce poverty, improve resilience to natural disasters and climate change.

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Sierra Leone

Our project in Sierra Leone aims to build entrepreneurship among young people in urban and rural communities through ICT skills and business training at solar powered entrepreneurship hubs, developing the skills of around 1,230 young men and women.

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Our projects benefit disadvantaged young men and women in three slum communities in Lome, and another breaks the cycle of abuse, offending and detention for Young Togolese men and women.

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We are delivering two projects in Zambia – “Karate For A Better Life” and “Empowering Young Female Slum Dwellers to Tackle Gender Based Violence in Lusaka”.

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After years of political and social instability, Zimbabwe’s economy has been devastated. Most workers remain in insecure employment and take home less than £1.50 a day – barely enough to pay for everyday essentials.

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We fight for the rights of young people so that they can access the world of work.

For two generations, we have provided young men and women with the understanding of freedom, equality and dignity – all essential to fair and safe work.

Through trusted partnerships with local YMCA’s, we have changed the lives of young people across in Occupied Palestine Territory, Myanmar, Pakistan  and more.


Young people in Bangladesh are leading the change in their communities by improving their resilience and sexual reproductive health.

In partnership with YWCA Bangladesh, we are helping young men and women lead healthier lives and access better economic opportunities in 4 districts in Bangladesh.

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Our work in Myanmar is helping vulnerable young people including women, people with disabilities and indigenous people find employment and set up their own businesses. The project offers business, vocational and life skills training through which participants can gain the skills and knowledge needed to earn a living.

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With women facing early forced marriage and honour killings, Pakistan is one of the most dangerous countries in the world to be born female.

Although women in Pakistan face particular challenges, more than one in every five people live on less than £0.95 a day.

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Occupied Palestinian Territory

Young people make up almost a third of the population of the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), which is at the centre of one of the longest and most complex conflicts in the world.

Young people in OPT have the highest unemployment rate of any age group at nearly 50%, with young women being the most disadvantaged.

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Helping young people into work. And out of poverty.

Working through trusted partnerships with the local YMCA’s across Latin America, we help young people into stable work despite natural disasters, civil and political unrest.


After five decades of civil war, a ceasefire and talks between the government and Farc rebels brought hope for peace in Colombia. But with the country narrowly rejecting the terms of the peace deal in a referendum, the future remains uncertain.

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As the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, one in every four people in Haiti live in extreme poverty.

With economic growth slowing, investment in training and infrastructure is urgently needed for Haitians to lift themselves out of poverty.

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We are working with YMCA Nicaragua on a project to support disadvantaged young people in Nicaragua.

The project aims to strengthen their resilience and provide them with opportunities to be able to generate a sustainable income for themselves and their families.

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We live in an increasingly interdependent world where the root causes of poverty experienced young people can be far from their communities.

To secure justice for the world’s most vulnerable young people, Y Care International works to create changes in the UK and Ireland through our YMCA local partnerships and networks.

Through our global youth work, we support marginalised young people to learn about the world in which they live and to campaign for positive change. Our campaigning and advocacy, seek to ensure the UK Government uses its influence to stand up for young people in the Global South.

We support fundraising efforts to ensure that everyone can contribute to changes for young people.