We believe that by building young people’s resilience, we help to make the positive work taking place in these regions more sustainable and are truly transformative.

Where possible, we support young people to adapt agricultural and other business practices to respond to the changing climate and other risks, while helping them plan, save and secure resources to help them recover from disasters.

Disaster and emergency support is actively built into all community projects and programmes, equipping young people with the skills, resources and resilience to protect and support their communities and families.

Our training ranges and we have a spectrum of tailored programmes specific to the community and regional need – we provide training in health and hygiene techniques so that the young and most disadvantaged can respond to family health emergencies,  and create practical disaster risk reduction plans to prepare for natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes.

We also support local YMCAs in the event of a disaster or emergency situation occurring

YMCAs work closely with communities before, during and after emergencies hit the headlines. As a well respected and trusted organisation, they can respond quickly to ensure that the needs of local people are met. By working within this trusted network, Y Care International can make sure that donations reach those most in need.

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