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Opportunities for young people by 2030

We actively motivate and evaluate our programmes to ensure we learn and apply lessons about what works.

For us, this means we are…

Adapting & Understanding

We adapt and understand our contribution to change and the difference our work makes.

We carry out regular evaluations for all of our interventions and publish the reports on the website for accountability and transparency purposes.


Testing & Learning

We test and learn about what works for young people. We want to explore and understand the reasons for accomplishments and failures.

We conduct research with other NGOs, local and international, academic institutions, think tanks and local civil society groups including young people, to identify the most effective and efficient ways to achieve impact.


YMCA Sierra Leone - Trainer and Young person talking

Transparent & Accountable

We are accountable to the young people we serve and our supporters.

We regularly evaluate the impact of our interventions, using mixed methods and participatory approaches. Some of our evaluations are carried by the young people themselves and published on our website.

YMCA Pakistan, group of young female seamstresses

Constantly Improving

We improve our work with young people by applying our learning.

We have established context sensitive and gender responsive Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning systems with our partners to gauge and monitor ‘how change happens’ at every level in a community.

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