Y Care International is uniquely placed to improve the lives of young people living in poverty all over the world. We have 25 years of experience working with YMCAs in the developing world, supporting effective projects that use the expertise of local people. The world movement of YMCAs provide a highly efficient and direct means of reaching the young people in most need. With this track record you can be confident that your support will be contributing to work that is genuinely making a difference to disadvantaged young people and their communities.

Thank you! There are many ways you can get involved:

Fundraise for us – hold an event, run a marathon, or shop using Amazon Smile. For ideas why not download our Fundraising Guide?

Campaign with us – for information on our latest campaigns and how you can join in see our Campaigns page.

Spread the word – tell people about our work and share our latest posts with your networks. We can provide materials and information on Y Care International to get you started.

Your donations are essential to our work, and whether you would like to make a one-off donation or give regularly, you have several options. You can donate online or by telephone, set up payroll giving so you can donate tax-effectively through your employer, or arrange to remember our work in your Will. We also accept CAF vouchers. For full details see the Give section of our website.

Our aim is to help entire communities. At any one time we are supporting thousands of young people, currently in 15 countries around the world. To ensure that all of our young people are treated equally and have the same opportunities as one another, we raise money for our general funds or for specific projects which can then be shared between them, rather than for specific individuals. In introducing a sponsorship programme we could not necessarily guarantee a fair distribution of funds to those in need. It would be impossible for us to share every story from every young person we work with – and indeed some do not feel comfortable sharing their stories – and even if we were able to we could potentially end up in a situation were multiple donors chose to sponsor the same individual whilst another young person might not secure a sponsor. This kind of ‘preferential’ treatment could cause severe divisions within the communities that we are working with and trying to bring together. For this reason we’re unable to restrict donations to individuals or partner organisations.

Please email enq@ycareinternational.org or call +44 (0)20 7549 3175 with your supporter number (if known), your name, and your old/new details. We will then update our records accordingly.

If you are making a donation online, you simply need to tick ‘Yes’ in the GiftAid section. Otherwise you can download and complete our Gift Aid form [link] and return to Freepost RTKY-TBHS-RGLC – this will enable us to reclaim the tax you have paid on any of your donations made in the past four years and any you make in the future. We reclaim this from the Inland Revenue – you won’t pay a penny.

If you would like to make a regular gift to Y Care International through Direct Debit you can do so via our online giving pages or download a regular giving form here [link] and return to Freepost RTKY-TBHS-RGLC.

Thank you for your previous support for Y Care International. You can amend the amount of your Direct Debit or cancel your donation by emailing enq@ycareinternational.org with your name, address and supporter number if you know it. If you would like to discuss your reasons for cancelling with us, please call us on +44 (0)20 7549 3175. Even if you can’t maintain your current level of giving, a smaller amount would still be very much appreciated.

Thank you – leaving a legacy is one of the best ways to support a cause that you care about, and Y Care International has benefited greatly from the kindness of supporters who have remembered our work in their Wills. Please see our Leave a Legacy page for more details.

If you have any question about the methods Y Care International uses to raise funds please email us at enq@ycareinternational.org or call +44(0) 20 7549 3150.  Like most UK charities, Y Care International raises funds from individuals in a variety of different ways. These include direct mail, press adverts and legacies. The Fundraising Regulator website has a section about different fundraising methods for supporters.

Y Care International is not currently soliciting for donations on the streets by using face-to-face fundraisers. If you see somebody claiming to be collecting for Y Care International please call us on +44 (0)20 7549 3150 and let us know when and where you saw them.

Direct Mail appeals are a hugely important source of income for Y Care International. In any given year, these appeals can be responsible for 40-50% of our total income. We use carefully selected partners for printing etc. to ensure that these appeals are as cost effective as possible so that we get the best return on investment. These funds are then distributed wherever the need is greatest.

For many reasons we do not accept donated goods during emergency appeals:

It is not cost-effective – the cost of storing, packing and shipping individual goods is often higher than buying goods in bulk.

Because needs are complex and always changing, money is more flexible. It is better for our partners to decide locally exactly what they need.

If it’s possible to buy good locally this is preferable – it’s cheaper and saves transportation and storage costs. It also contributes to the local economy at a much-needed time.

If you wish to donate goods to charity at the time of a humanitarian disaster, you could take them to a charity shop. They will sell the goods in the UK and then send the proceeds to help in the affected area. Or you could sell your goods at a car boot sale or online auction and donate the proceeds to Y Care International.

All donations go into our general funds account so that we can ensure that all our projects receive enough funding and that no project is over-funded. However, we do keep aside a short list of projects that are in particular need of funding for people who want to earmark their donation for projects on this list. For further details please email enq@ycareinternational.org.

If you make an error while making your donation, we will be happy to change or refund it. Please contact our supporter care team on +44 (0)20 7549 3175  with your name, address and transaction reference.