Y Care International responds to requests for help from YMCA partners who demonstrate real need in their country. Typically, the projects we support are targeted at young people and fit into one of our programme areas: health promotion; HIV/AIDS; emergency, relief and rehabilitation; health promotion; HIV/AIDS; life skills and livelihoods; post conflict; strengthening youth-serving organisations; youth citizenship; and youth justice.

Y Care International will organise an emergency appeal in response to a humanitarian crisis or disaster if we feel that we can support effective relief efforts carried out by local YMCAs in that area. If there are no YMCAs operating in the affected area we are still able to use our fundraising networks to support the emergency response of our partner, the global alliance ACT International. See Our work in emergencies for more information.

Y Care International currently supports international development projects in more than 20 countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. We also work with disadvantaged young people in the UK and Ireland through our global youth work programme.

In some cases our long-term development work grows from emergency and relief responses, and in other cases our work in one country leads us to set up similar projects in other countries with similar needs. We have limited resources and unfortunately cannot meet all needs in all countries. However, we make every effort to develop best practice and share our experiences through the YMCA movement to maximise the impact of our work.

Y Care International and all of our YMCA partners are members of the World Alliance of YMCAs, which is united in placing honesty and solidarity at the heart of the work of the YMCA movement. Our partnerships with local YMCAs are based on these values and we aren’t forced to rely on untested relationships with contractors.

On a practical level, the finances of all our projects are monitored closely, and are subject to regular financial evaluations. In addition to this, our partners are required to obtain an external audit for each project they undertake.

Governments in developing countries often struggle to fund basic services like schools and hospitals. When a population is poor, tax revenue is low, and having to meet international debt repayments holds many governments back further. The kind of work we support – from HIV/AIDS preventative education, to vocational training for unemployed teenagers – sometimes falls low on their list of priorities. By helping local people to run projects enabling young people to lift themselves and their communities out of poverty, we are helping them move towards a time when they no longer need our help.

See Our work in the developing world for the countries we work in and information on our projects in each country. You can also use our search facility, at the top of each page to find more information, news and features about our work. You could also email enquiries@ycareinternational.org to ask if we have any publications or leaflets featuring our work in the country you’re interested in.