The organisations we partner with are rooted in their communities.

They have long-standing relationships with young people, community members and wider stakeholders, and are owned and run by local people.

The YMCA movement

As part of the largest global movement for youth leadership and empowerment, we have connections and influence with a wide network of youth-serving organisations around the world. We believe that working through a partnership network adds significant value in delivering our mission. These relationships enable us to connect grassroots issues facing young people to wider advocacy and influencing goals.

These relationships enable us to understand the real issues on the ground, which informs our projects and programmes – enabling us to connect grassroots issues facing young people to wider advocacy and influencing goals.

YMCA Bangladesh, young women

Our Global Partners



Liberia, Togo, Haiti, Nicaragua, Sierra Leone and Colombia



Pakistan, Occupied Palestine Territory and Zambia


Partner Organisations including:

Comic Relief, DFID, UK Aid and On Our Radar

Working in partnership

We design, deliver and evaluate interventions and programmes aimed to deliver the greatest results for disadvantaged young people. We act as the technical knowledge hub for collating, sharing results and learnings on what works well for young people in enterprise and employment programming.

We use our learnings to replicate good practice across countries and regions through programme design and influencing.

Our Commitment

We are committed to strengthening communities, help our local youth-focused partner organisations to build their social relevance and sustainability.

We also collaborate with a wide range of organisations and stakeholders with expertise and/or interest in youth enterprise and employability to develop scope for innovation, investment and impact for disadvantaged young people.

YMCA - workshop with children

Our Partnerships

Our partnerships cover a range of individuals, organisations and institutions.


Delivery partners

Principally YMCAs in developing countries as well as other youth-centred organisations for programme implementation at national and local level

Technical partners

Including other NGOs, private sector, local authorities and academic institutions who provide us and our partners with expertise, training and investment for implementation

Alliance partners

Groups of organisations and platforms for advocacy, learning and sharing of best practice

Investment partners

Individuals, organisations and institutions who share our mission to support youth enterprise and employment

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