Video: International Women’s Day 2023


International Women’s Day 2023

To mark our month celebrating the huge significance of women in our society, work, and lives, we’re sharing messages from the Y Care International team. Team members are sharing it means to #EmbraceEquity.

From the team

Y Care International staff shared their insights last week, and we invite followers and supporters to share your thoughts here too!

Featured in the video, in order of appearance: – Aman Bhamrah (Philanthropy Officer) – Steve Adams (Director of Public Engagement) – Malusa Kilonda (Head of Communications & Advocacy) – Finlay Brown (Relationships Officer) – Bigay Jabang (Director, Finance & Resources) – Alex Akhurst (Digital Marketing Officer) – Jaipreet Kaur (Head of Philanthropy & Individual Relationships)

The three ‘Cs’ of Embracing Equity

In this video, we hear from Begay Jabang, Y Care International’s Director of Finance & Resources:



Happy (International) Women’s Day. When I think of embracing equity, I think of the three ‘Cs: confident, challenging the narrative, and change agent. ‘Confident’ in my identity, first and foremost as a child of God, and secondly, as an African woman. ‘Challenging the narrative’ around diversity and equity. And last but not least, being a ‘change agent’. Because change starts with me.

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