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D’Arcy Myers

Chief Executive

D’Arcy was appointed as our interim CEO in December 2023. He spent twelve years as a charity CEO, before specialising as an interim CEO in the charities sector.

D’Arcy began his career in Marketing and Business Development before moving with his wife to the Kingdom of Tonga in the South Pacific with VSO. This overseas project led to a dedication to the voluntary sector. He has worked in 32 countries around the world, from Africa, the Far East, Europe, the former Soviet Union, the USA and even back to the South Pacific. D’Arcy was one of the founders of the Small Charities Coalition. He chairs The Smallwood Trust and has, until recently, been the Chair of The Association of Charitable Organisations.

D'Arcy and his wife, who is a Chartered Physiotherapist in the NHS, have four grown-up children. They have all chosen careers of service.