Our legacy promise

A legacy to Y Care International is a promise of a better world for our global neighbours who are most in need.

It is a promise to witness to Christ’s love, as together, we bring an end to the suffering caused by inequality and injustice. It is a promise to do all we can.

Inspired by Christian principles, with our roots in the British Methodist Church, this is our promise we make to you:

1. We promise to respect your decision.

We understand that leaving a legacy is a deeply personal decision and your family and friends come first. We will not pressure you, we will support you in all the ways we can as you consider leaving a legacy to Y Care International. We also appreciate you might change your will in the future, and will respect your wishes.

2. We promise to honour your privacy.

We will always be discreet and trust that you know best. We recognise leaving a legacy is a deeply personal matter, and your privacy is important. You do not have to inform us of the decisions you make (although we’re always delighted to hear from you, so we can say thank you).

3. We promise to use your gift carefully.

We will handle your legacy with great care and thought. Your gift will be used cost-effectively to ensure the greatest impact possible. Your legacy will change lives in some of the world’s poorest communities. Your legacy will be valued as the wonderful life-changing gift it is and be treated sensitively.

4. We promise to be honest in the answers we give to your questions.

We are always here to help. Your enquiries will be dealt with fully, sensitively and transparently. You will not experience pressure; you will be met with understanding, care and support. If you have any questions, you can speak to our dedicated member of staff on 020 7467 3528 or email us at info@ycareinternational.org.

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