Patricia’s Story – Influencing Youth Policy and Practice

In the slums of Lusaka, Zambia, many young women and girls are victims of gender-based violence. But empowered young women are using the law to fight it.

Between 2017-18, Patricia, aged 20, joined our Safe Spaces project, which addresses issues related to GBV and educates young women and girls to tackle this harmful practice.

“GBV is so common here. I’ve grown up in this same area, and I’ve experienced a lot of GBV cases, where people, especially women, they pass through it, in their head, it hurts them very much.”

Since joining the YWCA programme, Patricia’s ambitious nature has led to her becoming a paralegal. She trained with Women and Law in Southern Africa and now gives legal advice to women in her community, sharing and educating people about women’s rights.

“In our training the lawyers taught us what is gender, what is gender-based violence, and how we can help people who are passing through such issues.”

Thanks to the Safe Spaces programme, 457 women gained access to legal services in 2017-18 and more young women like Patricia are empowered to address GBV.

“Gender-based violence is part of our lives. When someone is being violated, it also affects our beings. When you tackle it, you help someone’s life and they become happy again. So, I feel happy.”

With your support more young woman can be reached with legal aid in Zambia. Please donate.

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