Mohamed’s Story – Skills that light a spark

In Sierra Leone, over 50 percent of the adult population have no formal education. 60 percent must get by on less than £1.50 a day. We support young people like Mohamed to change their story by creating opportunities and access the skills needed to build a business, from basic literacy to bookkeeping.

Growing up poor in the disadvantaged Colbot neighbourhood of Freetown, Sierra Leone, meant Mohamed (24) was denied a formal education. He was unable to find work and had no resources to be able to take care of his mother and two younger brothers.

But Mohamed had the drive to gain skills and take control of his fortunes. Supported by Y Care International he enrolled at the Murialdo Vocational Centre, where he completed the one-year YMCA training programme in electrical installation. Now Mohamed has knowledge of basic safety procedures and the skills to rewire small electrical devices.

“This transformation makes me proud today as I have gained a lot of respect in the community. Additionally, I have gained employment at Sierra Construction Company at Wilkinson Road in the electrical section of the company.”

He reports that he has now completed his probationary period with his employer and was earning a decent salary

“I highly appreciate YMCA for according me the opportunity that resulted into this remarkable transformation of my life.”

Mohamed’s position has also given him the platform to be involved in community decision making, as he is now recognised as a youth stakeholder in the community, which has further opened new opportunities to relate with other agencies such as UNDP and Restless Development.

His family are very proud of him and his ambition and support him fully. He is an inspiration to his two younger brothers, his friends, and community.

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