Marisol’s Story – Thriving in the face of environmental change

Our 2017-18 Disaster Risk Management training equipped 1,185 young people like Marisol to plan for the unexpected and support their families and communities in the event of unforeseen disasters.

Twenty-one-year-old Marisol lives with her two younger brothers in Boaco, Nicaragua. Her family didn’t have enough money for her to carry on with her education, so she dropped out of school and stayed at home to help take care of the farm.

Marisol received training on how to improve agricultural production along with Disaster Risk Management training that will help her – and her community – be more resilient to external shocks.

 “We are suffering the effects of climate change and El Nino – the strong droughts. In the training we identified the need to efficiently use water and the training received on advocacy helped us to launch a campaign about access to safe and clean water and how to better manage our resources. The idea was to raise awareness amongst people in the villages and demand more attention to the problem from our local authorities. The young people did lots of awareness raising with the slogan ALL TOGETHER FOR WATER.”

The project has brought other benefits to families living in rural communities, including drip irrigation systems, water filters for safer use of drinkable water at home, and water tanks to collect water from rain so that it is saved for the dry season. A community well is also being built and thanks to the campaign the young people in Marisol’s community successfully rehabilitated a dried well that now benefits seven more families.

“We had a very good impact on the communities and people were interested in what we were saying. That makes you feel very important. We know that there is still a lot of work to do and we hope to continue developing more campaigns in the next few months to reach more people.”

The world’s poorest communities are most at risk of experiencing natural disasters, political instability and civil unrest. These unexpected shocks can stop young people from working and stop budding businesses from thriving.

Y Care International builds young people’s resilience so that they, their livelihoods and their communities are better able to avoid and recover quickly from these shocks.

Please donate to support young people like Marisol and their communities can thrive in the face of global environmental change and disasters. If you support Marisol this Christmas, your donation can be DOUBLED.

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