Young people who have grown up in rural isolated villages struggle to gain the skills to improve their lives and break the cycle of poverty.

We’re training young farmers in sustainable farming methods and supporting them to engage in local markets.

We are working with Nicaragua YMCA to train young people in agricultural activities and business skills and empowering them to help other young people and families in their communities.

María Garcia was brought up in the countryside and when she finished secondary school was unable to continue studying; her parents, for lack of work in Nicaragua, had left to work in Costa Rica, leaving Maria to look after her three sisters.

With your support we can provide vital training to young people like María so they can support themselves and their families and teach other young people in the community:

“I have learnt about planning my farm, strategies for agricultural production and business planning. With this new knowledge, I am now able to cultivate tomatoes, squash, bell peppers and Hibiscus flowers and I have shared what I have learnt with four young people in my community.

“My plot is very diverse. I use natural pesticides and I know how to do conservation work. The best thing is that I have done my own business plan. I know how to save and how to administer my business.

“I know that my family, the families of the young people I have taught and my community are grateful for the support of Y Care International.”

Please help Y Care International continue to support young people in Nicaragua and around the world break away from poverty and change their lives.

£10 could help give training to a young person, so they can learn a trade like carpentry, tailoring, or mechanics.

£20 could help provide one of our life starter packs to a young person, so that they have the tools they need to earn a living.

£30 could help provide a start-up loan to a young person so that they can grow their own business, and secure their future and that of their family.

Thank you – your gift means so much to the young men and women we support around the world.