I was penniless but now dream of having my own business

More than 500 million young people live on less than £2 a day. Young people who have the skills to earn a living have a much stronger chance of living, full, healthy and productive lives. With your support we can offer young people training in business skills and increase their chances of employment.

Saw Ye is the eldest of five children and like many young people in Myanmar, his parents could not afford to send him to school. When he was younger his parents fell into debt and a loan shark took the timber plates, walls and bricks of his house so the family had to live in a hut:

“We had nothing to eat and we were penniless, which made me very sad as I was very hungry. I had to stop going to school.”

In Myanmar we’re training young people in skills to improve their chances to find a job and start a business, so young people like Saw Ye can better support themselves and their families:

“My cousin told me about the activities of the YMCA and their project which was helping people who had been marginalised. The project is a livelihood training programme and through this I learnt about a motorcycle repairing programme.

“Today I am becoming more skilled in motorcycle repair and I dream of one day owning my own repair shop. I would love to settle the debt that my family still owes.”

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