Cheelo’s story – Speaking out against violence to women

To create a culture where there is gender equality and mutual respect between men and women, we encourage young men to reassess their attitudes too. Find out about Cheelo’s experience of working with our Safe Space project in Zambia. 

Before he joined the programme in Kazangula, Cheelo spent a lot of his time drinking alcohol with friends. When sober enough he would sometimes do the odd piece of work but the money he earned just went on more drink.

Now, thanks to donations from Y Care International supporters, Safe Spaces has taught Cheelo important life skills and provided him with a mentor he can talk to and look up to. He now earns a good living, has stopped drinking and is concentrating on making a better life for himself.

“Attending the Safe Spaces sessions has been a great help to me, I’ve learned a lot and I have become a better person. I no longer drink alcohol and I now make a timetable for my day and I do productive things.”

Cheelo has also acquired a lot of knowledge about gender-based violence, which helped him to intervene in a situation where his sister was being assaulted by her boyfriend. As Cheelo says: “The project has really helped me change and I am trying to use the knowledge I have acquired to also help my friends to change.”

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