Breaking Boundaries – Fixing Bikes in Togo

Enyovi is one of Togo’s first female motorbike mechanics in country where the bike is king.

Togo is a country where there are nearly as many motorbikes as people in the city and without one you are not going to get anywhere. Its an industry where there are very few women running their own businesses so we’re particularly proud of Enyovi and what she’s achieved.

After struggling to make a living whilst working for someone else Enyovi reached out to YMCA Togo who provided her with the support she needed to go it alone.  The YMCA taught her to save and how to look after her business and herself.

At first customers were unsure about my skills but I spoke to them and convinced them to give me a chance; now they see my work is good and they always come back to me.

Business is now thriving and Enyovi has her own business and her own place to call home.

She wants to continue been mechanic and she wants to find a bigger place to work and to train young people herself.

She is still in touch with the YMCA and getting advice from them about how to grow her business

I always tell people to go and see the YMCA for help and support

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