Q&A: Partnership and compassion


This summer, we’re sharing the impact of our partnership approach, introducing our team members, and celebrating our amazing Y Care partners.

Young people and local communities are at the heart of what we do. This week, we spoke to team member Jez Du Puy about his experience meeting new friends and contacts at our events this summer.

‘I believe that if we want to see real change in the world we need to cultivate compassion’


What does it mean to work in partnership?

For us, partnership means locally-owned solutions to problems. We work with our partner organisations and charities long-term for up to 15 years, and we trust their judgement, guaranteeing them agency in how they utilise our funding and support.

When communities have ownership of the change they create, the results are greater, more lasting, and more sustainable.

Jez Du Puy, Engagement Officer, speaking to a delegate at YMCA Ignite 2022.

Our work in the UK

Since September 2021, the Y Care International team have had a busy year travelling to UK and overseas events and sharing our unique approach to development with the community.

From festivals and international gatherings to events at local YMCAs, and even COP26 – we have made new friends met with supporters who share our vision of every young person’s potential fulfilled.

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Which event has been your favourite so far in 2022?

‘YMCA World Council in Aarhus, Denmark.’

What made it so special?

‘We were able to gather with YMCA representatives from all over the world who were all passionate about doing whatever it takes to support young people to grow in mind, body and spirit and live full lives.

‘It was so inspirational making friends from different countries and hearing stories of transformation from across the world.’

At YMCA World Council, we asked people ‘Y do you care’ – what was the most interesting answer to this question?

‘The most interesting answer was from a teenage Ukrainian girl who wrote, “I care because sometimes you have to fight for peace.” In speaking with her she added the context, “if Russia stop fighting there is no war, if Ukraine stop fighting, there is no Ukraine.”

‘After the YMCA World Council the girl was set to return to Ukraine to spend the summer volunteering by preparing food for the front line troops.’

What is the first thing individuals can do to support our partners in the world’s poorest communities?

‘The first thing you could do is visit our Impact and Learning page and read some of the stories of the people we work with. I believe that if we want to see real change in the world we need to cultivate compassion by stopping to understand real stories about real people. That compassion will then lead us to action.

‘We can take part in that action by giving the time, talent and treasure in our lives and asking God how we can use what we have to join with one another to end the poverty and injustice in our world.’

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