Voice of Youth: Discussion on Class, Caste, Drugs And Gangs

A youth-led research report exploring caste, class and drugs produced by young people from Diaspora communities. The report is a result of a global youth work project.

This youth-led research report is a result of the ‘Diversity global youth work project delivered with West London YMCA. All participants were young people born in countries of conflict or whose families are from countries of conflict.

The London group worked with parallel groups of young people from Brierfield and Nelson (East Lancashire) and Normanton (Derby). Together  they attended a residential workshop to learn about research techniques and to discuss and agree on topics and an research approach in April 2013. They then spent five months consulting with other young people and met again as a group to agree conclusions and design the report in November 2013.

The report has been published with International Alert, Lancashire Global Education Centre and Global Education Derby. It was funded by the European Commission.


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