For the second time this year, the situation in Yambio, southern Sudan, has deteriorated due to rebel attacks in neighbouring areas.

Orphans who have been supported by our partner, YMCA Yambio.

Back in April, Y Care International provided our partner, Yambio YMCA, with emergency funds to help 2,500 displaced people who had arrived in the town having fled areas affected by brutal violence, lootings and killings.

Over the past three weeks, the town of Yambio – which is situated on the borders of DR Congo and Uganda – has seen more displaced people flood into the area after an upsurge in the conflict.

Thousands of people have been displaced by clashes in communities around Yambio, where organised attacks by rebel groups – in many cases targeting women and children – have been experienced. Separate attacks by the Lords Resistance Army (LRA) have forced a reported 65,000 Sudanese from their homes this year.

The humanitarian situation is deteriorating as the YMCA does its best to help displaced people as they arrive in the town. Many of these people were beneficiaries of the previous emergency project who had returned home, only to be forced back to Yambio when the fighting began again. Many have had to find refuge in the local marketplace, churches and schools.

Y Care International is sending further financial support to Yambio YMCA to allow them to extend their emergency response and distribute food to displaced families. Getting into and out of the town is now difficult as many roads into Yambio have been cut off and others are increasingly dangerous. However some basic foods have managed to get through from the capital, Khartoum.