With youth unemployment in OPT standing at more than 40 per cent, there is an urgent need to create economic opportunities for young people. This is especially true for young women who, with 63 per cent unemployment, are even more likely to be out of work than their male counterparts.

The YWCA of Palestine makes sure its training matches market needs. Photo: YCI

Y Care International has been supporting young marginalised women in the West Bank, Palestine increase their employability skills and create small businesses since 2013.

More recently, a mentoring programme was developed in 2017 to enable promising female graduates trained in business management from Bethlehem University, known as Youth Business Coaches, to provide technical training and business mentoring to 80 new Palestinian female business owners.

Twelve youth business mentors are helping new female entrepreneurs to increase the profitability of their businesses by:

  • connecting them with new markets
  • developing marketing strategies
  • professionalising their products to adhere to stringent national quality standards

This programme is in partnership with YWCA of Palestine and funded by the Asfari Foundation.

Our goals for 2017-18

  • 12 Youth Business coaches will develop their capacity and increase their job prospects
  • 250 hours of “Drop-in clinics” are held for youth business coaches
  • 80 female entrepreneurs enhance their technical skills to help their businesses to become more profitable
  • Female entrepreneurs receive up to 800 days of training / mentoring from female youth business mentors which are delivered and tailored to their business needs

Taghreed’s story

Taghreed was appointed as a Youth Business Coach Coordinator, based in the YWCA of Bethlehem. Her tasks include coordinating the work of her ten fellow Young Business Coaches who provide business services to cooperatives and small women enterprises in Ramallah, Jericho and Bethlehem districts, in addition to being a Youth Business Coach herself and providing coaching in her area. Taghreed really enjoys what she does and is grateful for the opportunity to serve her community as well.

“Helping women cooperatives to sustain their businesses and compete in the market is very rewarding to me…. working with youth and enhancing their knowledge of their rights, building their confidence and self-esteem gives me a positive energy to work more and more.”