With youth unemployment in OPT standing at more than 40 per cent, there is an urgent need to create economic opportunities for young people. This is especially true for young women who, with 63 per cent unemployment, are even more likely to be out of work than their male counterparts.

The YWCA of Palestine makes sure its training matches market needs. Photo: YCI

As well as dealing with insecurity caused by ongoing conflict, and the failure to find a conclusive political solution, young women face social and cultural obstacles to securing work. Many are still expected to remain at home and find it hard to convince families to let them find jobs and contribute economically to their households.

In an insecure setting, where young people have grown up against a background of violence and conflict, boosting OPT’s economy – and making it work for all – are important ways to keep hope alive and ultimately build a more peaceful future.

How we are helping
Y Care International is working with YWCA of Palestine to identify skills shortages in the labour market, and is providing training in these and business skills. Young trainees can then access careers advice and support to set up their own businesses.

This is accompanied by initiatives to raise awareness of the benefits of women working and address cultural concerns of families and communities. In doing so, we make sure that young women are less likely to face this barrier to securing decent work after completing training.

This work is funded by the European Commission,YWCA-YMCA of Sweden /
SMC-SIDA and the Austin Bailey Foundation.

Our goals:

  • Train 450 young women and 50 young men in vocational skills, and provide follow up business training for 334 uneducated young people from this group.
  • Set up a Small Business Development Service for 500 young people to provide careers advice and help them establish thriving businesses.
  • Raise awareness of women’s rights with 1000 young women and 200 young men.
  • Work with 18 community groups to make sure young women and other disadvantaged groups are involved in decisions.