1. Introduction

This policy seeks to assure that our work is funded ethically.

The policy sets out our donor criteria for individuals, companies and grant giving bodies, and the process we follow to review funding opportunities, making our expectations clear to all our stakeholders.

True to our Christian faith-based identity and values, by ethical fundraising we mean avoiding funding relationships with organisations or activities that harm people or the environment.

2. Policy Statement

YCI creates opportunities for vulnerable young people to help themselves out of poverty and in to business. We need to attain diverse income sources from varied sources to achieve and sustain our mission.  However, it is vital that we maintain our independence and do not allow any external partnership or donor alignment to bring YCI’s reputation into disrepute or compromise the integrity or quality of our work.

We accept therefore financial support from, and partnerships with, companies, individuals and grant giving bodies on the following conditions:

  • It will benefit disadvantaged young people in line with our charitable objectives
  • There is no known risk of adverse publicity
  • There is no attempt to influence YCI’s policies or decisions
  • There is no known threat to our independence

If upon initial review by the Directors of YCI any of these criteria are in question a full risk assessment will be undertaken and reviewed by the relevant YCI governance committee for final decision.

3. Donor Criteria

The following criteria, together with the risk management process, provide a route by which the Directors of YCI can review and assess donations:

  • YCI will not promote any products or services knowingly linked to the harm or detriment of vulnerable young people, children or their environments.
  • Only YCI will have direct access to its database, target groups and beneficiaries. In accordance with regulations third parties will not be granted access.
  • To ensure that all cause-related promotions reflect our charity’s values, any such initiatives will be reviewed by the relevant YCI governance committee for final decision.

4. Avoidance Criteria

YCI will not accept financial or pro-bono support, and will not knowingly prospect from individuals, companies or grant giving bodies knowingly involved with any of the following activities:

  • The manufacture of tobacco or alcohol
  • The production and sale of pornography
  • The manufacture of arms
  • Human rights violations, including but not limited to child labour, exploitation or other forms of abuse to children

Activities, literature or policies that promote prejudice based on gender, ethnicity, faith or discriminate against people with disabilities or LGBTQ communities.

5. Due Diligence Criteria

Due Diligence will be carried out to satisfy any questions prior to, or if not anticipated within one month of, receiving a gift equal to or greater than £5,000, including anonymous gifts.

6. Acceptance Criteria

When deciding whether to accept a donation, the Chief Executive and the Trustees have a duty to demonstrate to the Charity Commission that they have acted in the best interest of the charity, and that association with any particular donor or organisation does not compromise YCI’s ethical position, harm our reputation or put future funding at risk. YCI complies with all relevant legislation including money laundering rules, the Bribery Act and Charity Commission guidance, including terrorism and political activity.

YCI therefore would not accept a donation which:

  • Was known to be associated with criminal sources or obtained from criminal acts including terrorism
  • Would help further a donor’s personal objectives which conflict with those of YCI
  • Would lead to any detrimental impact on public support for YCI or risk a fall in the resources available to fund our work

Would otherwise significantly damage our reputation

7. Transparency

YCI will publish this policy on our website and list one-off donations equal to or greater than £5,000 in our annual report and accounts unless the donor has specifically requested that the donation be kept private. All private donations must be in line with this policy.

8. Our Wider Relevant Policies

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  • Diversity and Inclusion Statement
  • Feedback Compliments and Complaints policy
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