Against this background, Zimbabwe’s health services are severely overstretched while people are more likely to suffer from poverty-related illnesses. Cholera and typhoid outbreaks affect the health and wellbeing of whole communities, and the country has one of the highest prevalence rates of HIV in the world.

Young people in Zimbabwe
In Zimbabwe today, young people struggle to find jobs, stay healthy and have a voice in decisions which affect their lives.

Reducing unemployment has been an important goal for the Government of National Unity since it took office in 2009. But with an education system that leaves young people ill prepared for today’s market needs, youth unemployment remains high.

Left unable to secure a job or contribute to decisions, many young people struggle to get by. This contributes to poor levels of physical and mental health for youth across Zimbabwe.

Our work in Zimbabwe
Y Care International began working with Zimbabwe YMCA in the late 1990s to reduce the impact of natural hazards on communities and respond to emergencies.

We went on to support the YMCA to increase access to youth-friendly health information and services so that young people can lead healthy and productive lives.

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