Many people have been forced to flee their homes due to the conflict, over two million Syrian refugees have sought safety in the neighbouring countries of Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt. Here, displaced families are faced with dire conditions in temporary camps with little access to sanitation, healthcare and livelihood opportunities.

Y Care International have been supporting families through members of our emergency response partner the ACT Alliance to provide healthcare, food, essential items, shelter, and education. ACT Alliance members are also providing psycho-social support for families who have been through incredible trauma and witnessed harsh realities. Malnutrition is a major problem and there is also still a large need for shelter, emergency medical care and clean water. Winter is particularly difficult with freezing conditions making temporary shelter even less comfortable. However, the continuing conflict has made the delivery of aid difficult inside of Syria. Almost 500,000 people in Syria and neighbouring countries will benefit from the support to be provided by ACT Alliance members.

This is a particularly challenging time for young people – who are becoming increasingly frustrated due to a lack of job opportunities and incentives to stay in Syria, and have a hopeless view of a future there. Empowering young people is crucial for the future of Syria and they have great potential. In addition to humanitarian support, attention also needs to be given to supporting young people to access job opportunities, recognise their rights, and play a role in governance and decision-making.

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