Thousands of families were displaced and separated during the Sri Lanka civil war, and hundreds of young people were forced to fight against their will, resulting in trauma and injury. Sri Lankan families also face repeated natural disasters, such as floods, droughts, tsunamis and landslides.

Y Care International works with the Sri Lanka YMCA to support young people by helping them learn trades and set up businesses.

We have been working with Sri Lanka YMCA since the 2004 tsunami, providing emergency support at the time and then working with communities to help them prepare for future emergencies. Providing young people with training in useful trades is helping rebuild their communities and live independent lives.

We also help those affected by conflict in the North of the country to rebuild their lives. We support Point Pedro and Vavuniya YMCAs to give young people training and small business start-up support

Young people also receive individual counselling support and fun group activities to help them to overcome the psychological effects of the war.

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