We trained young people in Trujillo, Peru, in vocational skills so they could earn a living and enjoy a decent standard of life.

Peru has one of the highest economic growth rates in the world, but 40 per cent of its people live in poverty. Its development has been held back by corruption, natural disasters, civil war and political crisis. While the country’s human rights record has improved in recent years, various efforts to address the problems of inequality have been unsuccessful.

Between 1993 and 2009, Y Care International worked in partnership with Peru YMCA to increase access to the health, education and employment needs of a community of refuse sorters in the shanty town of El Milagro in Trujillo.

As many vulnerable young people leave school with no qualifications they lack the skills to find meaningful employment, leading many of them to resort to informal work or leave the country. Some take up illegal underage work in extremely hazardous conditions such as mines. In Trujillo, we focused on giving livelihoods training to vulnerable children, young people and their families who were working on refuse dumps.

We also developed a programme supporting young people in conflict with the law, helping them to return to education and gain jobs skills training.

This project has now ended.

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