Myanmar’s population is now at a crossroads. Both national and local elections have been held, which were declared free and fair and heralded a transition to civilian power.

But, having being denied a voice in decision making for so many years, civic education is urgently needed to ensure people can call for the changes they need to live happy and healthy lives.

Young people in Myanmar
Having grown up living under an authoritarian regime, young people in Myanmar now have the opportunity to participate in their country’s future. They will need support to do so, and to engage with the democratic processes that will be so important if they are to build a peaceful and democratic future.

Young people will also need help if they are to access economic opportunities within the country. Most have had few chances to learn skills that are needed today by Myanmar’s industries – particularly those living in rural areas.

As a result, many young people are in insecure jobs and continue to live in poverty.

Our work in Myanmar
Working with the National Council of YMCAs of Myanmar, vulnerable young people – including those who are disabled or from sexual minorities – are learning to tackle discrimination as well as gaining the skills of a trade.

We help them to learn business skills, and link up with careers advisors and business leaders so they can make the most of their vocational skills.

As Myanmar is prone to emergencies such as cyclones and flooding, we also support vulnerable young people to help their communities prepare for natural disasters and reduce their impact.

New Project: Securing sustainable livelihoods for young people in Myanmar


Enterprise & Employability

Small changes, big impact. Read Zaw’s story


Zaw working at his motorcycle repair shop

Enterprise & Employability

YMCA networks in action during crisis

Bangladesh, Liberia, Myanmar, Sierra Leone

Monsoon rains in July 2015 caused widespread flooding across Myanmar. More than 1.6 million people were temporarily displaced. Y Care International and Myanmar YMCA already worked in some of the areas severely affected and acted quickly to provide families with food to support them while they wait for the water to recede and get their livelihoods restarted.

Emergencies and Disaster Resilience

Young people learn their rights as voters before Myanmar elections


A YMCA peer educator shares newly learned knowledge on voter rights ahead of Myanmar general elections on November 8 2015.

Youth Justice

How Myanmar YMCA is building skills of disabled young people


Min Myat, 24, harvesting crops in the fields near his local YMCA. Photo: Elena Marin-Yanez/YCI

Enterprise & Employability

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