Y Care International provides food, healthcare and educational support to vulnerable young people and particular support to young women. We also work with young people and parents to train them in useful trades or help them set up their own businesses.

Y Care International is working in partnership with the YMCA and YWCA in Tamil Nadu, a state with a high HIV and AIDS prevalence in the south of India. We help vulnerable young people stay in school by providing them with educational support and healthy meals so they don’t leave school to earn money for food.

Young women in particular are subject to discrimination, ranging from limited educational opportunities to forced marriage and physical violence. In Madurai, we help mothers to get small loans through self-help groups and to learn vocational skills to gain productive livelihoods.

In Salem, we are working with the YWCA to provide vocational training, job-related support, life-skills development and counselling to over 800 young people affected by HIV/AIDS to improve their chances of securing safe and sustainable employment.

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