We work with Cambodia YMCA to help street children get the knowledge and skills to improve their lives. By providing a safe space to learn and play, young people get a chance to improve their skills and gain confidence to get back into school.

Poverty forces many young people to drop out of school to work and support their families through basic jobs such as refuse collection. This puts young people at risk of prostitution, crime and trafficking. Young people in Cambodia are also at risk of contracting HIV and AIDS.

With over 30 per cent of the population being between 15 and 30 years of age, Cambodia has the youngest population among the 10 countries in South East Asia.

We train young community members as peer educators to provide health information on key problems in the area, such as dengue fever, HIV and AIDS, and drugs.

We also work with the parents of street children and their communities to raise awareness of children’s rights and help prevent abuse

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