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Sustainable Multi-Sectoral Action for Development (SMAD)

Sustainable Multi Sectoral Action for Development (SMAD) is a community development organisation in Uganda, that started its operations in 2009. SMAD empowers poor and vulnerable communities (especially smallholder farmers, women and children) to improve their health, income and food security, by building their capacity and carrying out integrated community-based interventions.

More specifically, SMAD seeks to enable farmers to prevent high post-harvest food losses, which lead to food insecurity. It does this by building the knowledge and skills of smallholder farmers in utilising appropriate post-harvest technologies and other initiatives to reduce food loss. It also enables these farmers to form self-help credit groups that would promote a saving culture and improve access to financial services, so as to allow improved production, proper harvesting and storage of their agricultural produce. SMAD also builds the capacity of farmers to develop strategies for adapting to the effects of unpredictable weather patterns and climate change, which increases vulnerability of communities. SMAD also works to reduce high infant and maternal mortality rates, which are associated with poor water, nutrition and hygiene practices.

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