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First African Bicycle Information Organisation (FABIO)

The First African Bicycle Information Organization (FABIO) is a Ugandan organisation which started its operation in 1994 as a bicycle workshop, and has steadily evolved in a fully-fledged charity that advocates for and champions the development of inclusive non-motorised transport in Uganda. FABIO seeks to use the bicycle as a means to change lives by empowering people living in poor households.

FABIO uses the bicycle to positively impact on the health of people within communities, especially as it can ease transportation for health care workers to sensitise the community on various health issues and also increase access for communities to health care centres. FABIO also promotes the use of the bicycle to encourage vulnerable children, especially the girl child, to attend school. Ordinarily, many of these children have to travel long distances (5km or more) to school, which in itself is associated with various other challenges, some of which force these children to drop out of school. The bicycle has been seen to help to improve student retention rates of both boys and girls.

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