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Adolescent Girls Literacy+ (AGLIT+)

AGLIT+ has a combined literacy and health education programme for rural adolescent girls and boys aged 10 – 19 years that have missed out on school. The combined literacy and health education programme, is a non-clinical health intervention that was introduced as one way of tackling poor reproductive health of young women and adolescent girls. The goal is to improve girls’ and boys’ health-seeking behaviour especially reproductive health through:

  • Acquisition of literacy skills
  • New or modified health knowledge
  • Identification of strategies to overcome obstacles to health
  • The Adolescent Girls’ Literacy Project (AGLIT) addresses issues of school dropout, literacy and numeracy for vulnerable young girls who might feel societal pressures to wed early or leave school prematurely to assume household duties.

Read news about the work done by Adolescent Girls Literacy+ (AGLIT+):

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