YMCAs prepare response to monsoon floods in Bangladesh

One-third of the total land area of Bangladesh has been affected by the worst flooding in four decades caused by heavy monsoon rains. The floods have already killed 145 people, and eight million people across 32 districts are affected. More than 720,000 houses have been damaged or destroyed. Vast swathes of agricultural land, upon which the livelihood of the majority of the country’s population depends, have been damaged. Vital infrastructure such as schools, health facilities, roads and bridges has been severely impacted.

Priority needs for affected families now are nutritious food, water and sanitation and shelter. Hundreds of thousands of people are also being affected by malaria, dengue and diarrhoea caused by stagnating floodwaters. This is the fourth time that Bangladesh has experienced flooding this year and the latest floods have coincided with the rice planting season, with likely implications for longer-term food security and livelihoods.

Y Care International is currently coordinating its support to the YMCA of Bangladesh to respond to this crisis. Y-Bangladesh plans to bring much-needed food support to affected households across three flood-affected districts of Birisiri, Bogra and Dinajpur.

Y Care International Disaster Resilience and Response Advisor, Meghna Manaktala said: “This most recent bout of devastating floods in Bangladesh has left the most vulnerable households and communities struggling to cope. In the face of climate change, the only hope for these vulnerable communities is to become more resilient to the higher frequency and scale of disasters that they will have to deal with in the future.


It’s great to hear that our work in supporting communities to be better prepared and reduce disaster risk has paid off, but with this magnitude of disaster, humanitarian needs are inevitable. Food and clean water is the immediate priority. Our partner, the YMCA of Bangladesh and its branches are well-placed to provide this vital support, and we are prepared to support them in any way we can.”

Y Care International has previously supported disaster risk reduction projects in Birisiri and Bogra, due to their geographical location which makes them at high risk of flooding. General Secretaries of these branches said that Ward Disaster Management Committees set up by the project were active during the floods. There were no deaths of human or even domestic animals reported in these communities, as they believe that community people benefited from the awareness and capacity to deal with the disaster.

National General Secretary of Bangladesh YMCA Nipun Sangma has been on the ground and witness the damage from the floods: “Bangladeshi flood victims need help because the recent flooding is more devastating comparing to recent decades.”

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