This is #MyAmbition – Help share the ambition of young people around the world

This is #MyAmbition is Y Care International’s way of celebrating World Youth Skills Day on Sunday 15th July and sharing the ambition of young people to better themselves.

Y Care International helps young people who live under the poverty line (£1.50 a day) into business and out of poverty across the globe. We do this through a variety of ways, but a key method is to provide skills training and development. This empowers young people to realise their potential and let them take control of their futures.

Young people are almost three times more likely to be unemployed than adults and continuously exposed to lower quality of jobs, greater labour market inequalities, and longer and more insecure school-to-work transitions. This year, we will help 60,000 young people and their communities recognise their potential.

This is #MyAmbition

The Y Care International team are continually inspired by the drive and ambition of the young people we work. Despite their situations, they strive to better themselves and their communities.

Y Care International want to raise awareness of the challenges that exist for young people to gain work and develop skills. But, let’s do this by sharing the ambition that is at the heart of positive change. Share your selfies and the skills you desire to better yourself.

The Campaign runs from 1st to 15th July 2018. Y Care International invites our friends (new and old!), beneficiaries, partner YMCA’s, ICS volunteers, schools and churches to submit pictures of themselves with the skill that is their ambition!

How to get involved:


Step 1: Take a selfie with the skill that is your ambition to learn. Here’s an example:

Step 2: Post to your social media channels tagging @YCareInt and using the suggested posts for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that are drafted in the social media kit. NOTE: You must tag us so that we can retweet and feature your selfie on our social channels!

Step 3: Share with your friends and encourage them to do the same. The best ones will be featured on the Y Care International social media channels like the example right:



– English Version

-French Version

Finally, a big thank you for supporting the This is #MyAmbition campaign. Let’s celebrate the ambition of young people around the world this World Youth Skills Day!

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