Tailoring her own future, read Marie’s story

Marie grew up with three brothers and four sisters in Freetown, Sierra Leone. She never went to school and used to do petty trading to earn a living. It was never enough to support her young daughter.

A friend mentioned that there was a programme run by the YMCA that could offer training to grow her skills and help her to get a job. When the local YMCA visited her village she decided to go along to find out more information.

With the help of the YMCA, Marie started a year-long training course in tailoring. She’s learnt how to cut and sow dresses, write measurements and count; and she’s found something that she really enjoys! On finishing the training, the YMCA gave her essential equipment like a sowing machine, tape, staples and an iron to help her use her skills to provide a service to the local community.

Marie now works for someone outside Susan’s Bay and earns enough money to take her little girl to school.

In the future Marie’s hoping she’ll be able to set up her own business by opening a tailoring shop inside the community and employ others too.

“I feel good now, I feel more respected. I chose tailoring because I enjoy the work and I want my child to have a good education and to study for a long time. I would like to thank the YMCA for all they have done for me.”

For over 30 years we have been creating opportunities for vulnerable young people like Marie. With your support we can reach even more young people, providing them with the skills they need to succeed and help their communities. Find out more how you can get involved.

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