On the road to recovery through skills, assets and networks

The devastating earthquake in 2010 left young people in Haiti with little hope of finding meaningful work after most aspects of daily life came to a halt. Now, thousands are taking a vital step to recovery by learning the skills to start their own businesses.

Earlier this month over one hundred young people graduated in auto-mechanics, house-keeping, catering, and farming. These young people were some of the worst affected, unemployed and living in extreme poverty in Port-au-Prince, Mirebalais and Gonaives.

Y Care International’s Africa Programme Co-coordinator, Alessandra Incerti, who attended the graduation ceremony, praised the determination of the young people who are still facing the impacts of a natural disaster five years on.

Alessandra said The young graduates have trained hard to learn these skills over 12 months and it was fantastic to see them being recognised for their efforts.”

A start-up kit provided to a young person who completed their training in auto-mechanics. Photo: Alessandra Incerti/YCI

A start-up kit provided to a young person who completed their training in auto-mechanics.

By April 2018, we’re aiming to train over 1,000 young people in skills so they can get jobs in promising tourism and construction sectors.

Once they completed their training all the graduates received start-up kits so they can keep developing their skills or start their own small enterprises.

Over the two years over 1,000 young people will be equipped with skills so they can find a job or start a business. Along with the enterprise and employability training, young people will form ‘leadership committees’ in their communities to ensure decision makers and local organisations meet the needs of young people.

They will also learn the skills to increase the disaster resilience by establishing local youth-led disaster risk reduction committees. Haiti remains incredibly vulnerable to natural disasters and as recent as October 2016 the country suffered widespread devastation when Hurricane Matthew struck. The young leaders will actively empower their communities spreading their knowledge to their peers.

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