New Project: Securing sustainable livelihoods for young people in Myanmar

Having previously delivered projects in the country, Y Care International recognised that poor young people in Myanmar lack the skills to achieve economic resilience and to actively participate in society. In October 2014, we were able to conduct a Needs Assessment that identified a lack of jobs as the main challenge for many which negatively impacted other areas of their lives. Though young people in Myanmar face pressure from their family to earn an income, their options are limited and are mostly inconsistent, daily labour jobs in hazardous conditions.

Key Facts:

35% don’t earn enough to cover basic needs

63% are unable to save

60% of young people are unaware of their rights

Myanmar ranks 150 out of 187 countries for Least Developed Country (UNDP Human Development Index 2015) A quarter of the country’s residents still live under the national poverty line. This doubles in rural areas which is where 70% of the population lives. (Asia Development Bank, 2016)

What will Y Care International’s project do?

Using our holistic approach, Y Care International will enable marginalized young people to achieve economic resilience and social empowerment in their communities. The young people involved in the project will be 70% female, due to the more pertinent challenges this entails, such as high levels of gender-based violence in the country. The project will also focus in on 4 specific rural areas; Maubin, Ayeyarwady Division Taungyy, Shan State Monywa, Sagaing Region Lashio, Shan State.

The young people involved will:

  1. Gain Skills – literacy and numeracy, business and vocational
  2. Access Assets – equipment or grants to establish enterprises
  3. Build Networks – peer networks and talks from regional/national business people.
  4. Build Resilience – promoting resilience through savings clubs, educate on issues that effect the community
  5. Youth Voice & Leadership – Promote young people’s participation in Myanmar’s democratization through civic education, voter education, responsibilities and youth-led community actions.

The project began at the beginning of April and on Saturday 16th June, our very own Elena will be flying out to Myanmar to see how the project has begun.

We look forward to keeping you up to date with the project and can’t wait to hear the stories from the project’s participants!

Read the full Press Release here.

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